Georgia Garvey and Stephanie Hayes book cover designs by Little Shiva for Creators

Book cover designs for Georgia Garvey and Stephanie Hayes, published by Creators

Meangirlology by Amy Alkon, book cover design by Little Shiva, published by Creators

Book cover design for Amy Alkon’s Meangirlology, published by Creators

Jorion's Trump (volume 1) 


Miss Ella was a Dane, a Viking


"Feminisme – een nieuw begin" by Evie Embrechts


I also do interior layouts and can prepare books for the printer or for upload to kindle.

In this special project I worked on, Lib Willard hired me to assemble her bits and pieces of original artwork into full-page illustrations and design the typography to enhance the story.

The Cloud The Clam The Comet and Jeba The Hound of Renown


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