You know how we all have those crappy photos of special moments that didn’t turn out as well as we’d have liked? Maybe the photo is too dark, or your face is all shiny, or that streetlight made you look orange…

I can take any crappy photo and make it look better, guaranteed! In fact, this is my favorite kind of retouching, because there’s no pressure to be perfect, and you really can’t make it any worse! ┬áRetouching, repairing and enhancing faded and damaged old photos is a bit harder, but I love doing that too.

Rates are affordable and negotiable, starting at $15 per photo, higher depending on complexity. You get hi-res files to use however you’d like, as well as a lo-res file for use online. Check out my gallery, and if you have any photos you’d like me to work on, get in touch.

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