Every year from July through September, my main job is running Clean Sheet Theatre. It’s not a full-time job in terms of hours, but it definitely takes a lot of energy and brainspace.

Little Shiva Vis summer rentals airbnb

The theatre is my old stone house near the ferry landing in Vis town, on the island of Vis, in Croatia. This pic is of Room 2, the room I rent to savvy travelers who don’t mind letting me be in the house during the day to work quietly on my computer in Room 1. In the evenings I go to my land, about 20 minutes away by scooter, where I enjoy the pulsing sound of cicadas, the company of cats and the Milky Way. Here’s a pic I took of a cicada molting: wow!

Little Shiva – Vis cicada

So why do I call the house a theatre? Because there’s something very theatrical about staging it to make it appealing to guests, greeting the guests, helping them enjoy the show which is Vis, then striking the set and starting over for each new reservation. Not to mention promoting the theatre to make sure there are guests in the first place!

Little Shiva - port of Vis, Croatia - old stone house near the ferry landing
And now, for the first time this season, it’s intermission. There’s a lull, things are quiet. Time to catch up on computer work, on planning for fall and winter, and most importantly, to finish designing the 2023 cat calendar for Street Cats of Vis so we can start fundraising!

I’m enjoying the break, but am looking forward to the next act at Clean Sheet Theatre. Hope you’re having a nice summer, wherever you are!


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