Little Shiva photo retouching, repair and enhancement

Amy Alkon’s dog Aïda

Meet Aïda, Amy Alkon’s dog.

Amy, also known as The Science Advice Goddess, is a longtime friend of mine who kindly offered to help me kickstart a new side hustle, photo retouching. It’s a case of not seeing something that’s right in front of you, really: In trying to figure out how to revive my freelance career (est. 1993), I’ve tried not only graphic design, but also web design, motion graphics, illustration, surface pattern design and even building databases with airtable!

I can do all that, but finding buyers is hard for me; selling isn’t my strong suit. Amy could sell ice to an eskimo, so we’ve been having a conversation about what I could do. I’ll be working on book cover makeovers soon, but another thing that emerged from our conversation was the idea of offering photo retouching. It’s something I enjoy doing, and it’s always easier to sell something that people need or want. Who wouldn’t want special photos to look their best?

So for people who don’t know how to do that themselves, I’m here. A basic enhancement job like this one costs $17 per photo, and you get a hi-res file for print as well as a lo-res file to use online. I also offer retouching, repair and restoration (think vintage photos) at affordable and negotiable price points.


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