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design can help you

If you have something to sell or to promote, how do you find your people, and how do you persuade them to choose your stuff over someone else’s stuff? With marketing and design.

Marketing is getting your stuff in front of the people you hope to attract.

Design is making your stuff look good.

I do design. I can help you with that part. Let’s talk.

To contact me, write to

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And now for a testimonial:

The typical designer assumes a female advice columnist needs some cutesy pink masthead for her website. Even if you insist that you don’t want cutesy or pink, you typically get something that’s at least pink in spirit. Ugh. Well, Little Shiva didn’t start with any of the usual assumptions. She really listened to me and then translated my ideas about my personality and my brand’s personality into a strong visual, creating a masthead that really captures the spirit of both, and both conceptually and visually. She also solved design problems I didn’t understand that I had until she solved them. For example, without my asking, she put my photo into my masthead — exactly the right thinking when designing a masthead for a “personality.” A lot of designers are about strong images — and she’s very much about that, too — but a really strong design is also an intelligent, problem-solving design, and that’s exactly what she gave me.

– Amy Alkon, nationally syndicated advice columnist and author,