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branding an author

Miss Ella was a Dane, a Viking

My dad was born in Asheboro, NC in 1935 and was the first and only person in his family to get an education. He loves books, has given┬áthem to me as gifts all my life, and always dreamt of publishing a book of his own someday. I helped him make that dream come true with Miss Ella was a Dane, a Viking. He tells the story of caring for Miss Ella, his mother-in-law (my maternal grandmother) during the last two years of her life, when she was lost to Alzheimer’s.

That’s her on the cover, dressed for work as a baby nurse. The guy on the back cover is my dad, the women are my mom, my maternal great-grandma and grandma, from left to right, and the baby in the middle is me.

I also designed my dad’s second book, Ol’ Joe’s Boy.


Ol' Joe's Boy